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Children in Yoga Class

Are you looking for yoga at your school?

​What do we teach in a school yoga class?

  • Breathing exercises for stress

  • Re-regulation techniques for anger management such as EFT tapping method, somatic experiencing and thai chi techniques 

  • Flexibility and mobility sequences

  • Balance and co-ordination skills

  • Body awareness and mindfulness meditations

  • Core strength for confidence

  • Posture and alignment

  • Concentration techniques

  • Development of trust and safety in relationships with partner work

What can kids learn from yoga at school?

  • Healthy and effective ways to express and project emotions in and out of the classroom

  • Techniques to help re-regulate the nervous system that anxious kids can access during stressful times (like exams)

  • Gradually learning to control reactivity to the ever-changing school environment, particularly for neurodivergent kids

  • Developing a healthy and loving relationship with their body

  • How to create, play, let go and rest in a quiet and safe space

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Where can we fit into school life?

  • Individual 20-minute sessions for difficult students

  • Weekly group yoga in the school timetable: PE, PSHE, Citizenship, RE etc.

  • Afterschool club

  • Wellness & Activities Days

  • Exam preparation – short courses of mindfulness & calm classes

  • Sixth form classes

  • CYPMHS support/early intervention for struggling students in conjunction with traditional therapy sessions

  • Inset days and teacher retreats


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